ElleTee’s Online Innovation Menu

ElleTee’s Online offers an Innovation Menu packed with creative and custom solutions that are focused on your target markets and relevant to your individual business plan.

Each service is delivered with your unique business goals in mind.

Starters – For the Brand New Business

Business Basics

Need help with where to even begin?

Schedule a FREE brainstorming session!

From firsthand experience launching my own businesses and working within a variety of different small businesses & organizations, I know that a lot (most likely your “heart & soul”) goes into naming your business, creating a logo, developing a business plan, obtaining a business license and much, much more.

In our initial brainstorm session, I’ll help ease your mind and we will review these preliminary steps of opening your doors or launching your online business. (Or if you’re a little further along in the process, we will map out your next steps for growth!) You will see that starting a business isn’t quite as daunting as you may imagine!


Schedule a Fluidity Review for your business!

Note: This is one of my favorite service offerings on the menu and it’s one I want to personally connect on & chat about with you!

Marketing Content & Event Planning

We will help you map out a plan to release relevant business information and content based on your branding & marketing strategy.

Design work is also available for brochures, business cards, flyers, invitations, email campaigns, mailers + more!

Event planning consulting is also available.

Market Strategy Consulting

Our market strategy consulting touches on branding, content planning and desired marketing avenues, of course!

Let’s schedule a comprehensive review of your target markets and your current marketing strategy.

Social Media, Email, Text Message Marketing + More!

  • Best Practices Review
  • Campaign & collateral design & development
  • Platform Selection & Development
  • Scheduling & Engagement Planning
  • Social media graphic design
    • + More!

Website Planning

From all of the available options, which should you use to build your website?

We’ll review & discuss today’s leading platforms to determine the most relevant one for your business needs. We’ll discuss why evaluating this from the beginning matters greatly.

Trust me – you’ll want to know this information ahead of time for $ savings!

Main Course – For the Veteran Business

Is it time to revamp your business plan?
Do you need to “get your business online?”
Are you looking for a way to improve your current strategies & grow your business?
Is your current marketing strategy telling your story?
Are you presenting your products/services to today’s consumer in the most effective and efficient manner?

Many of the same services offered above for new businesses are offered for more experienced businesses that just need a refreshed strategy. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to help you revamp your business and continue your success!

Consultation for one-time project development is also available!

The Innovation Menu is "locally sourced" and is continuously updated 
to best suit your business and your unique tastes and needs.
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