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What is ElleTee’s Online?

Elletee’s Online acts as an extension of your brand. Think of us as a hyper-motivated voice for your brand that wants to see your business at its peak. Simply put, we help you market and grow your business. We offer solutions and new concepts that make marketing fun and much more simple! It’s important to be connected and stay connected.

ETO is an additional resource providing solutions for improvement, growth, + sustainability in an ever-changing online market. Our focus is to help you launch your new business or revamp your existing business brand + marketing strategy!

Our Starting Point

Where do we start? A simple (confidential) conversation is the beginning (but our focus is on your “end game” goals!)

I want to understand you and your business & jointly map out a plan of action for your growth!

I’m available to meet in person, virtually, by call/email/text – you name your preferred communication method!

Creative Mapping

Focused on who you are, what your business is, what markets you serve + what you desire from your business

Based on our initial brainstorming discussion, we will decide how to move forward with your growth plan or individual project needs. We’ll discuss projects one by one, or talk overall marketing strategies geared towards the way you do business on a long-term basis.

Together, we will enhance your business by sharpening your own skill sets & vision.

Lauren Tetterton, MBA

Creative Executive

A Brief Personal Background:
I am a small business owner (of 3 years+). I have an entrepreneurial heart and am most passionate for marketing & watching businesses launch + grow. I have a diverse background ranging from working for small nonprofits to owning my own businesses, to working for larger global companies. I understand the impact of efficient and fluid marketing. I started this business to use my passion to help other businesses succeed.

Specializing in fluid marketing strategies for businesses that are just launching +/or veteran businesses that need a refresh & online presence in order to grow in dynamic markets.

Let’s brainstorm: elleteesonline@gmail.com

Want to learn more?

Always online, always connected, always seeking ways to improve + build upon the success of your business, & you should be too. Let’s get to work and build your brand!